At Creative Living Center, our participants needs come first. From individualized care plans to specialized diet plans, our program is perfect for your loved one.


Health Care Services

One thing that makes Creative Living Center truly unique is the all-encompassing health care program we offer to our participants. Our Health Care Coordinator, a Registered Nurse, monitors and maintains all aspects of each participants health care. Services included in both half day and all day enrollment include:

  • Measuring and recording vital signs monthly

  • Administration of medication (both prescribed and over the counter as needed)

  • Administration of injections (as needed)

  • Changing of bandages or dressings

  • Individualized care plan

Additional services may be provided on a case by case basis, as determined by the Health Care Coordinator and Program Director.


Nutrition Services

Creative Living Center offers a nutrition program for all participants. We serve two healthy snacks a day plus a nutritious catered lunch. We are able to accommodate any diet, including diabetic, gluten-free, mechanical soft, low sodium, and more. Lunch and snack options are based on scheduled enrollment.


Eligibility Requirements & Rates

Participants must be 18 or older, and in need of socialization and/or daily supervision, must be able to voice their own needs, and be able to feed themselves. Individuals that may pose a threat to themselves or others, or have excessive wandering habits that are not easily redirected, will not be enrolled into the program.

Creative Living Center offers three enrollment options to accommodate any schedule. Services provided by Creative Living Center are not applicable to insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, and will be billed to the caregivers on a monthly basis.

Please speak with our Program Director regarding assistance for cost of attendance and/or veteran benefits.

  • Full Day (8 hours, includes lunch, morning and afternoon snacks) $48.00

  • Half Day (4 hours, includes lunch and morning OR afternoon snack) $30.00

  • Half Day (4 hours, includes morning OR afternoon snack) $24.00